Nailsea and District Community Transport provides a bespoke service that enables people who do not have transport or cannot use public transport due to disability, isolation, or lack of mobility or direct friends and family support.

Nailsea and District Community Transport exists because without it many of our community would be alone, not able to access places many of us take for granted or even attend medical appointments.

Nailsea and District Community Transport is flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs of a community or group of individuals. This flexibility allows for customised routes, schedules, and services to accommodate the unique requirements of people who are disabled, isolated or have no access to traditional public transport or taxi services,

We provide more personalised assistance, especially for individuals with mobility challenges or specific needs. Our Drivers and volunteers make the transportation experience more comfortable and inclusive. Unlike public transport, you will not feel under time pressure to access the service or feel that you are holding people up – We give you the time you need.

Nailsea and District Community Transport is designed to connect people within a local community, ensuring that individuals have easy access to essential services, social activities, and community events. This local connectivity can be especially beneficial in rural or underserved areas. Our work also boosts the local economy, by bringing customers to shopping facilities and venues on a regular basis.

We can cater for a smaller group of passengers, facilitating social interaction during journeys. This can contribute to a sense of community and reduce feelings of isolation or loneliness, which may not be as prevalent on larger public transport systems.

Nailsea and District Community Transport offer a door-to-door or curb-to-curb service, which is particularly valuable for individuals who have difficulty reaching traditional public transportation stops. This feature enhances accessibility and convenience for users.

We are grateful for the support of our local volunteers, creating a sense of community engagement and mutual support. Our volunteers provide not only transportation but also companionship and assistance, fostering a more personalised and caring environment.

Nailsea and District Community Transport is a registered charitable Community Benefit Society and a nonprofit organisation. By joining Nailsea and District Community Transport it will empower communities to take control of their transportation needs, ensuring that services are responsive to the unique characteristics and preferences of the area.