We run weekly shopping services from Backwell, Clevedon, Failand, Long Ashton, Nailsea, Pill, Portishead and the surrounding districts.

We pick you up from home and take you to your local shops with the return journey about one-and-a-half to two hours later. Passengers who live in Backwell, Failand, Long Ashton go to Nailsea.

We do not accompany you whilst you shop, but the driver and/or passenger assistant will safely store your shopping on the bus and will carry it to your front door if required.

If you use a shopping trolley or a folding walker, this is not usually a problem, but please let the office know.

Once you are given a place on a shopping run, we will collect you at the same time on the same day each week unless you tell us otherwise.

If you do not wish to travel or cannot come for any reason, please telephone the office to let us know; you may leave a message on our answering machine when the office is closed.

If you would like to use our shopping service or have any questions, please telephone the office on 01275 855552. On occasions, a shopping service may not have any places available in which case we will take your details and let you know when a place becomes available.

All timings are approximate and we ask you to be ready ten minutes before your allotted time.

To use our shopping service you will need to become a member of Nailsea & District Community Transport; this costs £20.00 per year. You will also be charged a fare on each occasion you use our service which is payable to the driver on the day of travel.

Membership forms are available from the office or from the ‘How to Join’ page.

 See your location on the next page for further information on the service in that area. If you are interested in using the Shopping service, please contact the office on 01275 855552.


Areas: Backwell and Flax Bourton

Destination: Tesco and Waitrose in Nailsea

Days: Wednesday morning

Fare: £6.00


Area: Clevedon

Destination: Tesco in Clevedon

Days: Thursday morning, Thursday afternoon

Fare: £6.00


Areas: Long Ashton, Wraxall, Failand and Barrow Gurney

Destination: Tesco and Waitrose in Nailsea

Days: Tuesday morning

Fare: £7.00


Areas: Nailsea and Wraxall

Destination: Tesco and Waitrose in Nailsea

Days: Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon

Fare: £6.00


Area: Pill, Ham Green, Portbury, Easton-in-Gordano

Destination: Waitrose and Sainsbury’s in Portishead

Days: Friday afternoon

Fare: £7.00


Areas: Portishead

Destination: Waitrose and Sainsbury’s in Portishead

Days: Monday afternoon, Friday morning, Friday afternoon

Fare: Portishead £6.00


Areas: Felton

Destination: Tesco and Waitrose in Nailsea

Days: Tuesday afternoon

Fare: £7.00

All information correct at September 2023.