We have 501 members who use the transport services. We value the feedback and it helps us know we are making a positive difference in people’s lives.

We keep a feedback book with comments received from members: here are some of them;-

Val – ‘The driver was very helpful and kind when my husband needed help on the steps. He made sure that he was ok and stayed with him. Thank you very much for your help’

Brenda –‘ This was my first trip with you – I’m going to be booking lots more as it was a joy to get out’

Brenda V ‘I don’t know what I’d do without you, just curl up and die I suppose’

Audrey ‘nothing is too much trouble for Ian, the driver, he always goes the extra mile.

Chris(carer)  ‘I hope that NDCT will continue, it is a solid, reliable service and much needed for people like my client.

Barbara ‘ I just rang to express my thanks to all the drivers, they are so helpful and cheerful’

Jacqueline ‘I don’t know what we would all do without you’

Jennifer ‘Thank you for the trips, please keep up the good work’

Memory Café ‘Just wanted to say thank you for supporting our art group with transport , what a lovely chap, your driver is, just perfect for this group!’

Nicola ‘This is a brilliant organisation and I am very pleased to be a part of it’

Hazel ‘ I really appreciate being able to get out’

Patricia ‘ You are a godsend, I had to give up driving and I can now get out again’

Mary & Bill ‘We really appreciate the work that your organisation does and grateful for the help we receive’

Audrey G ‘I thoroughly enjoy the trips, they get me out and about since my husband died’

Wendy ‘I really appreciate the door to door aspect of your service, I cant cope on normal buses’

Kathleen ‘ Your service is a life-saver’

Susan ‘Your driver, Clare, is so kind and helpful, she is a very good person’

Jacky ‘ Thank you for driving me to Southmead hospital every day to see my dear husband’

Dennis ‘We have a good laugh on the trips’

Jessica ‘ I couldn’t manage without the services’

Susan K ‘with many thanks for an excellent service with kind and helpful drivers’

Susan T ‘You are a marvellous service, I feel more human now’