COVID-19 REPORT NO 24     (24/8/20 to 28/8/20)


This report covers the final week of medical deliveries commencing 21st August 2020, which is highlighted in green.  Deliveries first started on 24th March and during this time there has been a grand total of 3409 deliveries and 4482 miles travelled. The maximum number of deliveries occurred during the week commencing 30th Mar 20 with 312 prescriptions delivered.

On behalf of NDCT I would like to say thank you to Nailsea Town Council for being proactive in setting up a support system which has been a life line for the local residents and in particular to those who are extremely vulnerable to Covid-19.

All this good work would not have been possible without the support of the Nailsea Covid-19 group and in particular those that volunteered to assist with prescription deliveries.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to all the paid and volunteer staff at NDCT who ran operations and drove vehicles throughout the pandemic period to provide essential support to our local residents.

Date Miles No of Prescriptions
20th Week of Operations
3/8/20 to 7/8/20 98 103
21th Week of Operations
10/8/20 to 14/8/20 110 94
22nd Week of Operations
17/8/20 to 21/8/20 70 45
23nd Week of Operations
24/8/20 34 23
25/8/20 6 3
268/20 11 10
27/8/20 16 10
28/8/20 17 17
Total for week 84 63
Grand Total 4482 3409

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