20th April

Video about delivery of prescritions. See:


🎉❤️⭐️One Amazing Community⭐️❤️🎉We were lucky to work with local journalist John Bevir last week to create this video.The video has already been picked up by a news agency with offices across 4 continents which is incredible for Nailsea but really we want local exposure.We want to make sure that everyone in Nailsea that needs help has someone to reach out to so it’s so important that we keep sharing our story and service.If you have a few seconds to spare we would really appreciate you clicking to share this post as it will really help us to get this message across to more people that may find themselves needing help.If you are starting to worry about how you will manage to pay for the essentials, pick up medication or you have concerns about leaving the house then please reach out to us.We have heard from many people that they hadn’t reached out before as they thought that there are other people that needed our help more, this is not the case. A strong community stands together and that is exactly what we have shown we have in Nailsea so please lean on us at this challenging time.The community has made sure our amazing Nailsea group have the facilities, funding and resources to help so if you find yourself worrying due to the effects of Covid-19 please contact us today on:01275 855 277nailseahelpers@yahoo.comThanks again for everyone’s generosity and goodwill and don’t forget to ⭐️ share this video ⭐️Footage copyright Feature Story News, 2020.

Posted by James Steel on Sunday, 19 April 2020

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