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Clean Air Zone’s exemptions

Bristol Government site posted:

What is already available and what we’re planning to do.

You may be able to apply for an exemption from Bristol’s Clean Air Zone charge if you meet the eligibility criteria and own a vehicle that does not meet the zone’s emission standards.

There will be temporary exemptions specific to Bristol as well as national exemptions for all UK Clean Air Zones.

Check whether your vehicle meets the zone’s emission standards on the government’s online vehicle checker (GOV.UK). 

Bristol exemptions

There will be temporary exemptions in Bristol until the end of 2022 for eligible groups, including:

  • residents in the zone
  • people working within the zone and earning less than £26,000 a year 
  • Blue Badge holders
  • patients and visitors attending hospitals in the zone, they can register their vehicle at their appointment to avoid the charge

The exemptions will give time for people to take advantage of financial support and upgrade to a less polluting vehicle.

If you’re eligible for local exemptions you will need to apply. Applications will open in summer this year.

You will not need to apply for an exemption if your vehicle meets the zone’s emission standards

Check whether your vehicle will be charged on the government’s online vehicle checker (GOV.UK).

National exemptions

If your vehicle is eligible for a national exemption, you will not be charged to drive in any UK Clean Air Zone.

National exemptions are applied automatically so you do not need to make an application.

Find out about national Clean Air Zone exemptions and existing support available (GOV.UK).

National exemptions include vehicles with a disabled tax class

To see if you’re exempt from charges use the government’s online vehicle checker (GOV.UK).

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